Geon – Super Extreme (Columbo Remix) [2012]

I recently caught this on the absolutely brainmelting mix from Phloax titled Low Earth Orbit (Link is at the end of this post. But this is one of the standout tracks on there for me and its mostly because im a cheesy bastard at heart.

The track is a slow burner for starters but as the breaks and strings weave around each other you begin to hear the low but pronounced buildup of a piano. Not any piano either – if you are a crusty old raver like me then you’ll notice the pitch and arrangement sounds extremely familiar. You’ll suddenly find yourself whispering “Hugh, Pugh, Barney Magrue…” and not knowing why.

Then it’ll hit you, that piano riff is an almost exact copy of the piano break from Urban Hype’s 1991 cheeseathon, Trip To Trumpton. You’ll feel guilt and a good swathe of nostalgic glee hearing that piano sound-a-like woven into this clean and crisp breakbeat tune. What a tune it is as well!

Here is the full mix from Phloax!


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