Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag [1997]

Damn I have been lamenting the loss of my copy of New Forms today. You always want the albums you dont have to hand, doubly so when you know the CD has vanished. This, while not my favourite track from the album, right now, sat at work, this is what needs to be playing. I’ll be honest, I found a lot of what Size, Full Circle etc were pushing out back in ’97 to not be quite my flavour of DnB at the time, I guess I was still stuck on broken amen’s and terrifying basslines. But around 2000 when I actually picked up New Forms, it was a glorious return to some fantastic DnB during a time where there had been a fair bit of stagnation in the current DnB world.

This track is one of those defining DnB tunes, taking an extremely simple arrangement and layering lots of exciting facets to it, from the mutated bassline to the various vocal stabs and synth effects the whole track is woven expertly around that frantic (non-Amen based) break. I shouldnt undersell the fact that there’s no Amen break in this track, for 1997, thats pretty much all there had been for the past 4 years. Now, some 15 years down the line and this track still sounds fresh as the day it was released. A bona fide classic example of the genre.


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