Depth Charge – Buddha Finger [1994]

No messing around here, ive been caning the shit out of this recently. J Saul Kane is the man responsible for Depth Charge and also for churning out some absolutely huge breakbeat monsters in his time, this being one of my favourites.

You cant ignore the raw punch in the face break that dominates this track, its grimy, its filthy and it is perfectly complemented by a huge array of classic Kung Fu samples. Its this production, along with 9 Deadly Venoms that really cemented Depth Charge as one of my favourite breakbeat producers, right up there with Genaside II for ferociously angry beats.

From Wikipedia
9 Deadly Venoms is the debut album by Depth Charge, and alias of UK producer Jonathan Saul Kane. The album compiles several 12″ singles released by Kane under the Depth Charge name in the preceding five years. Kane is often cited as a forerunner of Trip-hop and an influence on labels such as Mo’Wax and Ninja Tune.[1] The tracks on the album comprise instrumental hip-hop beats with dialogue and musical samples from films, particularly martial arts movies, westerns and horror films.


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