Main Source – Fakin’ The Funk [1992]

You know, the Main Source might be one of the great overlooked Hip Hop acts of all time. They just arrived big when the conscious lyrical style of hip hop was being commercially trounced by the heavier, more aggressive sounds of “Gangsta” (god I hate that term) rap.

Regardless, this is one of the highlights of their first and only album (which is packed of classics by the way). You cant fault the lyrical skills of the Large Professor on this one, the sample work is absolutly top notch and there is such a huge slice of classic funk going on in the background, I guarantee you’ll have a sore neck by the end.

From Wikipedia
Main Source was a Canadian/American hip hop group that was based from New York City/Toronto composed of Toronto’s Sir Scratch and K-Cut, and Queens’ Large Professor. Later, Mikey D (also from Queens) replaced Large Professor.[1] The group was often compared to Steely Dan for its meticulousness in the studio.


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