Jakwob – Fade (Featuring Maiday) [2013]

Proof that you dont need a lot to produce a blinder of a track. Of course, this has all the components that I love in a tune, a cracking piano, beautiful vocal and an interesting break. The artists, Jakwob, is better known for churning out vocal led Dubstep type tunes so this is a bit of a welcome departure. Simple, gorgeous, quality stuff.

From Soundcloud.com Bio
Jakwob is talking about super-gnarly, super-heavy dubstep.
“I can make that music, I enjoy that stuff,” he says, a slim, stubbled young man with dark eyes, “but I don’t want to replicate it, I don’t like making music that’s too difficult to get into so I end up adding things, different unexpected elements…”

This approach has made 22 year old James Edward Jacob a hot property. Take the recent track ‘Let it Fall’ – it has soaring vocals courtesy of writing-collaborator Rocky, pulsing dubstep rhythms and electronic elements all combined effortlessly. Jakwob has no snobbery or boundaries, he can play nine different instruments, he’s a musical magpie and always has been…

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