Visionmasters and Tony King feat. Kylie Minogue Keep on Pumpin’ It Up (Angelic Remix) [1991]

What a stormer this tune is and it still blows my mind that Minogue and Pete Bloody Waterman were tied to one of the biggest hits of 1991, the original mix of this track from the Visionmasters. Sure, there’s a lot of it that sounds pretty damn dated now but anyone who lived through the explosion of house and dance music of the late 80’s and early 90’s must carry a special place in their heart for this banger. There’s nothing really to dislike to be honest, we’ve arm waving strings, got some dark synth work evoking early tribal type beats and techno before out of NOWHERE comes the trademark Visionmasters Piano based club to the face. Gone is the dark beats and your strapped into a full force Ital-House sounding facemelter. Classic house perfection.

From Discogs
If you ever want to make a perfect dance-tune. Listen to this one. This definitely is one of them.. Easily. ‘Cause in one country in this whole wide world. There was a Platinum-award DJ (No names). When I put this 12″ to go, even he came to see, what is this jewel I was playing.. 😉 and party people went crazy.. as always..

Kylie Minoque is/was a super star from Australia (like Nasenbluten) but she made a strange breakthrough to UK-underground with this precious one. I raise my hat for that,indeed.. Both sides are respecting the underground, and even someway the belgium scene (Flipside), take one in your collection, if you ever have a chance. It’s a surprise you don’t regret!


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