Underground Resistance – Kamikaze [1992]

Today’s slice of banging techno comes to you from a good mate of mine, John. Unfamiliar with this track prior to about 20 minutes ago, its hard not to wack a great big grin on your face with the bleepy goodness of this belter. The beginning is a cracking onslaught of the senses but the real fun comes about 2 mins in when the track lays down and strips itself bare before slowly reintroducing all the elements that made up the beginning assault. As you know by now, im a huge fan of really superbly layered electronic tunes and this belter is no exception, top dollar techno tune.

From Discogs
The introduction by Monte Markham, whose speech is taken from the series of documentaries Air Combat, aired on NBC in the early 1990s, gives way to the screaming sound of a crashing plane that sets the mood. Then, it is rave terror ahead, with a gentle Acid line, techno beats and a roaring hoover. The result sounds a little dated, really and is perhaps only worthwhile for nostalgia value. Yet the break at the end of the second third brings in deep, lush strings that only Mad Mike could have produced.


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