The Lisa Marie Experience – Do That To Me [1996]

Fast forward 6 years to 1996 and its a totally different, cleaner house sound but still echoing the construction of the previous two posted tunes. The bassdrum still pounds, the high hat is crisp as you like and the bass riff is catchy as hell. Throw into the mix the HUGE piano and vocal chorus and you can see why this track just exploded like a nuke across dancefloors. There’s no buildup, your bouncing and then suddenly your in the rafters, swinging like and ape and gurning like a muppet. If ever there was a track that defined the term “Crowd Pleasing”, I think you’d be hard pressed to argue against this classic.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for kind words….I helped write this tune!

    • Then im certain you’ve witness the destruction wrought by this track on a dancefloor too Matt. My hat goes off to you mate!

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