Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You [1999]

If you want to talk about dance floor destroying classics, if Stardust doesn’t come in the top five, I reckon you’re overlooking a timeless classic of biblical proportions. When this was released it steamrolled over pretty much everything else at the time. You couldn’t move for this track and I don’t think anyone really suffered for it. Guaranteed to have a dance floor packed in seconds, the track is a seriously easy going house track drenched in classic French style production.

The track lifts a pretty decent slice of its melody from the classic “Fate” from Chakka Khan but remasters the crap out of, resulting in this masterpiece. Sure, its gotten so much play these days that you might say its worn out. But be honest, the minute you hear that riff, you’ve got a wry grin on your face and that foot of yours is tapping. A hallmark of a great classic.

From Discogs
There’s something about this song, that just makes it so awesome. It follows the same formula that a lot of other house tracks do (See: One More Time and Digital Love by Daft Punk, U Don’t Know Me by Armand Van Helden, Lady by Modjo) but this one has some unique quality to it that I can’t put my finger on. It’s just so, full of energy, life, and awesomeness! Benjamin Diamond’s vocals sound different here, he sounds like a different person. And it’s just so, inspiring.

On the Saturday this came out, two copies of this were simultaneously spanked for hours in Luna Bar (Bar Basics)Leeds. Disco house, though, had already been going for years. It was a natural gradual progression, impossble to pinpoint a specific point in time, cos that point would be different for everybody.

Long Live French House!


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