INXS – I Need You Tonight (12″ Mix)

A track that really doesn’t need much of an introduction, INXS were pretty much unstoppable when this was released. The riff is a legendary slice of late 80’s pop, catchy and inescapable once its hooked itself to the inside of your skull. Hutchence’s vocals take an important but laid back, sordid position at the back of the track while the instrumental sits right up front, exactly where it should be.

The 12″ re-edit just lengthens the original composition with some echo effects but more importantly, it keeps the riff and baseline going for much much longer and lets be honest here, its the reason the track is so beloved. An absolute classic.

From Wikipedia

In INXS’s official autobiography, INXS: Story to Story, Andrew Farriss said that the famous riff to the song appeared suddenly in his head while waiting for a cab to go to the airport to fly to Hong Kong. He asked the cab driver to wait a couple of minutes while he grabbed something from his motel room. In fact, he went up to record the riff and came back down an hour later with a tape to a very annoyed driver. This riff was later described as sounding like a cross between Keith Richards and Prince.
The song is a much more electronic track than most of the band’s material before or after, combining sequencers with regular drum tracks and a number of tracks of layered guitars. To approximate the sound on the recorded track, the band often utilizes click tracks for a frequent synthesizer chord as well as rim shots heard throughout the song.

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