Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It (Ben Liebrand Mix) [1990]

So, we’re back! Its been a busy old couple of months, relocating here and there. Staying in spare rooms, floors, hotels and most importantly, pubs. I reckon Talk Talk’s seminal downtempo pop classic is a suitable way of summing up the most recent move!

Well, this track likely doesn’t need much of an introduction, the original was huge and Ben Liebrand’s re-edit keeps all the best parts of the original and trims the fat. Keeping that punchy break and immortal baseline at the front of the whole track is probably what makes this mix better than the original, which has a tendency to wander a little in the middle. Liebrands version keeps the track on track and delivers 7 minutes of awesome.

From Wikipedia
“Life’s What You Make It” is a song by the English band Talk Talk. It was released as a single in 1985, the first from the band’s album The Colour of Spring. The single was a hit in the UK, peaking at no. 16, and charted in numerous other countries.

The song was one of the last to be conceived for The Colour of Spring, following concern from the band’s management at the lack of an obvious single among accumulated work. Initially unwilling, Mark Hollis and Tim Friese-Greene, the principal source of original material for the band, accepted the task as a challenge. Friese-Greene: “I had a drum pattern loosely inspired by Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill and Mark was playing Green Onions organ over the top.” (Making no. 3 in the UK Singles Chart, “Running Up That Hill” had been released in August 1985.) The track was embellished with David Rhodes’ guitar hook.


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