Daft Punk – Around The World (10 Hr Edit) [1997]

Well, since its been a week or so, its time for the big reveal. Back to the USA we go which is why its been a bit sparse around here of late. So in honour, we have the 10 hour version of Around The World from Daft Punk. 10 hours, roughly the same length of time you’ll spend on a plane flying from London to the West Coast of the USA.

On to the track, well its the seminal Daft Punk sound and production. I think most people got their start with Daft Punk after hearing this track, its definitely responsible for turning friends of mine to the house sound. Its not all that hard to see either, its catchy as HELL. Probably why the 10 hour version doesn’t sound wholly repetitive since it rearranges the composition enough to keep the track interesting.

So, as for the cans, we’ll be a bit quiet for the next few weeks while moving! See you on the flip side!

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