Whyte – Purple Haze [1990]

A truly excellent laid back ravey cover of Hendrix’s Purple Haze with lots of uplifting piano filling in for massive guitar riffs. The addition of the sultry female vocals are a great touch but overall, this is all about the strings, the piano and the vocal. Such a great example of 1990 dance music.

From Discogs
Although the obvious track to go would be side A, where you can hear the Hendrix track done with a down tempo piano rave style which rolls along nicely.
Have a flip over to the B side and listen to Love,Lust and Sex and you find somethig very different.

Again the down tempo beats with plenty of synths make a melodic piece but it doesn’t really make a connection with the track title. Not until the very graphic porno sound clips hit your ears, then it all makes sense, although when you first hear it, it makes you think that the T.V volume has been turned up and is clashing with your music.

This is a track that could potentially still make the creators money if they played it down the telephone to those who choose to pay for a bit of telecommunication titilation.

Love ,Lust & Sex was one of a few pieces of the era that used samples from the bedroom and put them on the dance floor, but it was never going to have the same success as French Kiss.


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