UNKLE – Nursery Rhyme (UNKLESounds Shin Mix Edit) [2002]

Taken from the superb Shin mix of the mix album from UNKLE known as “Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats”. Taking the bass break from the original and just propelling it across the board into a rocking Dubby Trip Hop sounding break beast, this has to be one of the best re-edits of any UNKLE track ive heard. The sounds are wonderfully dark and grimy, giving Badly Drawn Boy’s lyrics a suitably filthy environment to wallow within. Thankfully the bassline is solid all the way through, adding a little level of distortion to the whole arrangement which only enhances the dirty feel of this track. What a tune.

From Discogs
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats is an outstanding release by Unkle, but there is a certain amount of confusion surrounding it. It’s first release was limited to 500, yet there would seem to be more than that floating around….and there is. A second release was made, still under the ‘for promotional use only’ tag (numbers will still be relatively low, a few thousand maybe). The differentiating feature is a barcode on the top side of the slip.

The rationale behind this ‘unofficial’ wider release would be the licensing of certain tracks from the album would be impossible in an official commercial release….hence, ‘for promotional use only’. People saying that these barcoded DADOEB’s are bootlegs should have a long hard think about it….among other things. Cause if they are bootlegs someone has put in one hell of an effort, firstly production (and if you did do a bootleg would you really differentiate it by wacking on a barcode…Duh), and secondly, getting it distributed to LOTS of shops (they aren’t just popping up in the UK, but also the US and Australia, and I would guess numerous other places). If a bootlegger can manage this, maybe he/she should think of starting label.

The more likely answer would be that a certain not to be mentioned label realised the licensing issues involved with this release and rather than altering the original sets decided to do a little creative circumvention.

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