Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Boys Own Mix) [1992]

Oh god what a track this is. An absolutely timeless piece of electronic house music that always seems to be over too soon despite its hefty length. Despite it not being a hard pounding track, its an all encompassing, fuzzy cashmere blanket type of Progressive House tune. In fact, I cant think of many other tracks that despite their tame sensibility can pack a dancefloor like this one. It might have something to do with the marginally more interesting beat, steering away from solely 4/4 bass drums and adding some interesting snare programming. Perhaps its that moog, twanging along for the entire track. What am I talking about, of course its the Moog slap bassline. An 8 bar riff that just bloody nails its relationship to that bassdrum. You could probably strip out the vocals and the strings and people would still loose their shit to this track. Yet another masterpiece from Farley & Heller.

From Discogs
This track was a UK chart hit for Sunscreem in 1992, but it’s The Boy’s Own mix that is one of my favourite vocal house tracks and a Renaissance classic that featured on the seminal Sasha & Digweed mix collection. The central hook of the track was taken from the much-plundered “Theme For Great Cities” by Simple Minds, a record many other acts have since sampled. Heller and Farley’s brilliant mix joins the dots between progressive and mainstream house with a bassline to die for and production that still stands up today. If you’re into that classic house sound of the early 90s, there are few better examples.

What a tune! Terry Farley & Pete Heller’s (Boy’s Own) finest contribution to House music and a record that I can simply never ever tire of. Electronic House music that takes the breath away with it’s beauty and emotional power. Music to transport you to heaven, ecstacy and the best trip you’ve ever had. An epic, anthemic record that moves the soul like only the finest House music can. ALL TIME CLASSIC.


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