Capricorn – 20hz [1993]

If your not smiling right now, you soon will be. What a classic this track is, an absolutely seminal piece of techno. It all starts innocuously enough but dont be fooled, its about to kick right off. The synth begins it slow, relentless build before in comes that cracking, industrial percussion set and your thinking, wait a minute, this sounds like it could get dangerous. Oh, trust me it does. Cue that fantastic synth build up to the crescendo, drop and your off again. Just when you think its about to get really naughty, in comes that string set, the beats get slightly tempered and before you know it, your arms are in the air and your grinning like a muppet. Its all good you think, im safe! Its going to keep bouncing along like this, its all good. Forget it, Capricorn has you and your taking one of the best techno rides of your like. A farkin’ masterpiece this.


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