Sub Sub – Space Face [1991]

Another classic release from Sub Sub who would later be known as “The Doves”. This was actually their first ever release, tapping the popular breakbeat sound and throwing a funky as hell bassline behind it and tarting it up with some seriously lush strings and a cracking synth/piano riff combo thats just perfect. Naturally, like the Coast EP that came after it, this was MASSIVE and still inhabits a soft spot in many a heart, mine included. Magic on wax this one.

From Discogs
First heard this classic Mancunian track on a Pirate Manchester radio station called ‘Sunset FM’ back in 1992. The Mix Factory was the name of the DJ slot I think ?, also ‘Paul Walker, 808 State’ are the one’s I can remember. Management Kenny Grogan Underground Manchester is on the jacket credits.This could have some relation to Underground Records in Manchester where you could buy rave music, closed down many years ago some time after the Manchester bomb. Manchester has World class A1 Music and in my opinion this is one A1 class Mancunian delight. It is a classic drum/keyboard/string/mellow yet dark rave track that I haven’t heard replicated before. B side ‘Ecto-Jam-Sub’ could have been released as a A side single the quality is there.


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