Charles B & Adonis – Lack of Love [1988]

Good god yes. This just came up on the ole Ipod after a crafty weekend update and i’ll be damned if its been too long since I heard this banger. A seminal piece of classic Acid House, retaining the added distinction of being probably the only track of the time to have an entire vocal section included in it. While many lament the addition of the vocals, I absolutely bloody love the whole composition. The acid riffs complement the vocal perfectly, likely because the vocalist isnt actually all that good. Instead you get some raw lyrics over a ferocious acid riff with Adonis’ trademark squelchy 303 business. A track that is guaranteed to have you grooving to the very heart of acid house, what a cracker.

From Discogs
Lack Of Love is timeless, vintage gem of a track, and the fact I’m about to jot down a laudable line or two about it, twenty years after its original release date, only helps prove my point.
By combining really smooth vocals, great and subtle piano stabs and an infectious, yet instantly memorable and emotional acid riff, the track has potential to draw in both, the regular VIVA Club Rotation electronic music follower as well as the more underground orientated acid house freaks.
I haven’t really heard many DJs drop it that many times, but what I can tell is that it works equally well during the lazy morning after hours and during the peaks of more sophisticated house sets.
A trait of a true classic, no doubt. It has really aged with grace in my humble opinion. One of those tunes which will bring smiles to people’s faces another twenty years from today.

How does one combine brilliant deephouse with brilliant acid? By recording “Lack of love”! Most techno and acid fans hate it because it’s too soft and most deephouse fans hate it because it is too hard. But I think it is one of the best records ever!


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