Freestyle & DJR – Ten 44 (1993)

Whats say we get some hardcore around these parts? This cracker was caned by Sy, specifically at a great Dance Planet that I had a dat from. It takes the piano riff from a Thompson Twins track of all places and is the very definition of an uplifting piano track. The rest of the track is standard fare hardcore, choppy riff and banging breakbeat. But that piano just dominates the tune and thats no bad thing!

From Discogs
I can’t believe no one has written a review on this quality 12″.
Awesome records produced some of the best hardcore breakbeat records of 1993 and this has to be up there with the best of them.
Tracks B1 and B2 are great to add to this release, but this was all about the track “Ten 44”.
With a nice stompy kick drum running throughout the track and some classic drum loops it breaks down into a hands in the air piano and “that” classic sinewave bassline.
But it dont stop there as the next breakdown has an unbelievable almost haunting stab that just excels the track further. It eventually breaks down into a half time part which just allows you to catch breath! A fantastic release which is very well sequenced and arranged. This is a very sought after tune and no one is usually willing to sell. But if you do manage to get a copy you wont be let down…


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