Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (Bernard Edwards & Nile Rogers Remix) [1984]

Now thats a swing for the books. Echo and the Bunnymen to Sister Sledge! That said, looking at it objectively, its not that great a leap, both tracks are almost perfect representations of their genre.

The original Lost In Music was released in 1979 and I think my 1 year old mind heard this and latched on from that point since this is easily one of my top ten tracks of all time. I LOVE Lost In Music. The Edwards and Rogers remix done in 1984 encompasses what made the original so great and then beefed it up to make it DJ friendly. This is why you not only get an extra 40% of Sledge time thanks to the extended edit but you also get better build-ups and bridge sections to make it easier to mix in and out of. The end result is a master-stroke of re-editing.

There is not much that hasn’t already been said about Lost in Music, it was the Sisters biggest track by a long way, appealing to people that would have usually looked the other way at a “disco” track. I’ve heard this played everywhere from a club to Dave Lee Travis dropping it on a Sunday afternoon on Radio One back in the 80’s. A track that genuinely has mass appeal and for good reason, it reminds us all about those hedonistic times we have all had, wrapped up in a beat, a melody, a bassline, completely oblivious to whatever is going on leaving just you, the dance floor and the music. Simply amazing.


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