Slam Slam – Move! (Dance All-Night) (Slammin’ 12″) [1989]

Sasha classic and a great example of late 80’s gospel tinged House music. There are two killer mixes of this stormer, the one in the title is a decent house track punched up to 11 with the quality of that cracking vocal. Then there is the Tony Humphries mix which injects a huge slice of the New York scene into the original composition. Taking the best parts of the riff, kicking up the speed a touch and layering the soul into it like only the master can do. A guaranteed arm waving stormer.

Tony Humphries Mix.

From Discogs
If you’re a fan of the legendary Tony Humphries Kiss FM Master mixes from the early 90’s then you’re gonna need this 12″. This record is on lots of the aforementioned mix tapes I have from that era. The Tony Humphries mix is absolutely essential, and is probably overlooked by most as there is also a David Morales Red Zone mix on this 12″ too. In my opinion, forget the Red Zone mix and go straight for the Tony Humphries mix, you will not be disappointed!


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