The Blue Aeroplanes – ..and Stones (Lovers All Around Mix) [1990]

I’ll confess, I know next to bugger all about The Blue Aeroplanes other than they have been around for donkeys years and their primary genre would be closer to Indie Rock than the track above. That said, this is a classic remix in the vein of Baggy Madchester turn of the nineties rock/rave music. Its not surprise then that this track is featured on one of my favourite Telstar compilations “Rave” also released in 1990.

The track holds a certain special place in my heart as I actually remixed the intro guitar solo when I was a kid writing modules in OctaMED on my Amiga 500. The laugh was I didnt have my two phono jacks in correctly and since the track is encoded in mono on my CD, I only got half of the guitar riff through the sampler. Needless to say, it was a wonderful and unexpected result that I crafted into one of my many extremely mediocre attempts at music production. If I ever get around to getting those tracks off the old floppy disks, rest assured I will upload them here!

So anyway, why this track today, well I was sat on the bus and on it came. While usually I would skip the track (and all the horrible music remix memories it holds) this time around I thought I would give it a shot. Reminding me how much I actually do love this track. Its a quality remix, catchy vocals and some incredible guitar riff work. Classic.


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