Bon Iver – Holocene [2010]

So here’s a change of pace for you. Ive been hearing the name Bon Iver a whole lot over the past 12 months. He found himself on KCRW one morning which I thoroughly enjoyed but ive never given myself over to taking a full listen of any of his works. I have friends that have gushed about him all year long, people going crazy about how amazing he is live. Well, today I finally got around to queuing up a stack of tracks on YouTube and giving myself an Iver breakdown.

The Verdict? Awesome. If you are not listening to the above track right now, stop reading and hit play. Then go buy this guys self titled album as its an hour of audio bliss. I cant put my finger on what makes this so refreshing, I can hear all manner of artists weaved into the melodies. You have natural Royksopp/Sigur Ros comparisons on the vocal front, there’s some downtempo electronica courtesy of Modeselektor, Apparat and Trentmoller. There’s the folksy guitar business of a thousand backroom jammers. Iver manages to weave so many familiar sounds into his compositions that you dont have to try too hard to listen. They are perfect tracks to put on and sink into, absolutely cracking.


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