Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix) [1997]

Let us now take a moment to give this classic its due respect. Sure, its been played to death, now stalking dancefloors like some undead vinyl monster but when it dropped, it destroyed everything in its path. At the time, the UK was buckling under the weight of fluffy/disco house music, DnB was finding its feet after spending 3 years in the jungle, techno was as underground as it ever was. Globally, the scene wasnt all that much different, Balearic house beats dominating everywhere. Josh Wink masturbating on his 303 to create that abomination known as Higher State… Suddenly, out of nowhere, suddenly this was in every single club you found yourself in. Didnt matter if you were in your local Ritzy or at some underground house joint, somewhere, at some point in the night, this would drop. And its effect would be identical. It literally destroyed the crowd, the place exploding with half a decade of pent up fatigue with four to the floor house beats. It layed bassline work that would be emulated for years to come, everything from Speed Garage to Dubstep. A track that reminded us all that a really good tune isnt just something to dance too, but something to travel to another time and place with. Fucking masterpiece.

From Discogs
Armand’s remix is a classic “no need for any other remixes” piece of work. This tune still sends shivers down my spine everytime I hear it. The bassline is “down and dirty” and the overall vibe is quite chilling and dark. Her vocals are quite “druggy” sounding and the lyrics suggest being sexual and provacative. “Spin Spin Sugar” is a classic song that should only be dropped on occasion while in the best of company. One of my all time fav’s from 10 years ago that doesn’t sound remotely dated at all. Every DJ should own this and logically so!!


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