Ultramagnetic Mcs – Ego Trippin(Original 12” Version) [1986]

Two years before the Ultra’s unleased the now legendary album, Critical Beatdown, they released this 12″ upon the world. What a cracker it is too, nothing but hype lyrics, a brutal bassline and some of the best MC’ing your ever likely to hear. Add the electro riff hits and its not hard to see what makes this track one of the all time classics. Amazing.

From Discogs c/o Mentally MadBoy do I remember when this record dropped! And what a great time for hip hop this was. Also brand new at this time was Eric B. & Rakim’s “Eric B. For President” and Boogie Down Production’s “South Bronx”, and Biz Markie’s “Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz” was just a week or two away. The Radio was never the same. “Ego Tripping” in particular stands out the most to me. At this time, it was the first rap record to actually sample the breakbeat in it’s entirety. Marley would use the SP1200 on “The Bridge” and “Eric B’ For President” before this record, but he didn’t loop the breakbeat, but rather reconstruct them, which was also mind blowing. Ced-Gee used the SP12 in a different way. He also chopped up the “Substitution” break, but inserted bits and pieces mainly throughout the hook. When Keith and Ced were rhyming, it was a straight up loop, and this was the first time on wax for that. Marley Marl and Ced-Gee were the only ones in 1986 who used the SP1200 drum machine, and they definately started the next phase of hip hop. Now rappers would not rely solely on drum machine beats for their records, like a linn drum, or a roland 808. Rappers were now turning into crate diggers, looking for a new loop or sample for their records. With every Marley Marl produced record, or Ultramagnetic record, producers had to step up their game. This IS my favorite rap record from 1986, and absolutely should be in every old school rap fan’s collection!


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