Skanna – The Future [1993]

You know, there were plenty of overlooked Drum & Bass/Jungle producers back in the day. With DJ’s limited to hour sets, usually dropping 80% crowd favourites and sliding in the odd new release, you could often overlook some of the more cutting edge releases. Radio filled that gap for the most part, with many illegal stations playing out brand new dubplates every weekend. However, one thing I could never get my head round was how little exposure Skanna got. Looking back now, its easy to see, the tracks Skanna was pumping out didnt use Amen’s, they were a whole new kind of Drum & Bass. No wimp-like high hat driven Intelligent Drum n’ Bass here, no wobble basslines and insane Amen choppage. No, Skanna was way past all that. To be honest, considering this was written in 93, it would still have a place in DnB sets today, some 18 years later. I guess thats what he meant by “The Future”. This track and so many others from Skanna were so far ahead of the curve, it took the scene almost 5 years to arrive at where Skanna was.

Sadly, the Skanna name was replaced with Quivver and he started pumping out epic progressive house tunes. A crying shame to the breakbeat scene because his breakbeat mastery was without a doubt, one of the best. This is a bloody incredible track with multiple breaks layered atop one another. That wry synth riff grounding it in what could be considered the 93 sound, or perhaps the 2003 resurgence of hardcore sounds? The bassline is low and rolling, happy to let the breaks take center stage. Chuck in that moody piano and your well on your way. Instant classic and a crime this didnt get more airtime.

From Discogs C/O Hankin
Skanna’s old tunes are not ones typically heard being rinsed out on old tapes or even by many serious oldskool or DnB Dj’s. I don’t know why because after listening to most of them now i realise they are absolute classic in every way, maybe the thing here is that they didn’t quite fit in and to me at least sound very ahead of their time. You can definately hear people years later doing what he was doing in 93′ with the “intelligent/atmospheric” strands of DnB that came about later on.

Big respect to the man he was a true innovator in my book


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