Doc Scott – Far Away (Fourteen Flavours of Funk) [1994]

Christ its been a busy week. However, ive been caning some old Jungle mixes while on the burn, featuring stone cold classics like this offering from Doc Scott. Laid back breakage, some great strings and a simple vocal hook. Sure, its pretty cookie cutter but thats why Jungle & DnB got so huge I guess. If there is a formula that works, use it!

From Discogs
This is without question one of the best 12″s I’ve ever heard in any genre. Doc Scott is a master of jungle. Though his output is limited, he takes great care to smash it with every release and this one is no exception. “Far Away” is a drum and bass epic, taking you farther away than you can imagine to another dimension of space travel and blissful relaxation. “It’s Yours” samples the famous old T LaRock track, and while it isn’t quite as good as “Far Away”, it’s still better than just about any other song in your record box.

Far Away on first listen has all the components of an anthem – The haunting vocal, the ’94 break and chord progressions. And it actually follows through years later! I listen to this and am reminded of how jungle used to be.

Unlike many that have said It’s Yours is boring. I love It’s Yours more, and not just because of the heavy Amen break! It’s fun to dance around to and I can see mixing this with any new track out on the market. I love that. And You’ll love it too.

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