Desired State – Dance The Dream [1991]

I cant believe its taken me this long to get this posted. Probably because there’s not really any way im going to be able to actual do it justice. It is, without a doubt one of my all time favourite tracks, solely because of how Mad P introduced the Top Buzz set that kicks off with this track. Up until that point, i’d not heard a Top Buzz set, didnt really know all that much about them. I was heavily into my Sasha, Tong and other uplifting house DJ’s. I liked a lot of breakbeat but found myself far more familiar with the few more high profile releases. I dont know who gave me this tape, it had to have been about 4 – 5 months after the night, around the middle of summer 1992 and it blew me away. It remains still one of my all time favourite hardcore mixes of all time. Trying to describe it is pointless, give it a listen;

You know that mix, the only mix where you know every single line uttered by the MC? Yeah, thats this mix for me. But I am not alone in this, hell the set is so good, they played it almost song for song at Fantazia Westpoint ON.THE.SAME.NIGHT. If ever there was a mix that cemented Top Buzz in the hearts of Ravers, I think this might be the one. It certainly did me.

So back to the track? What makes Dance the Dream so great? Well, its got that pitch perfect piano break, starts with a no-nonsense buildup and mashes it together with a monster break and bassline. The synth riff is Straight Outa Romford, cheesy shape-throwing awesome but not overused. Its all about the piano in this track and what a piano riff it is. This version sounds great as it is, better pitched up about 10% as it is from Top Buzz.

Pretty much exactly what they did for this remix to be honest 🙂

So there you go. Probably one of the first tracks that ever truly blew me away, in no small part to Mc Mad P and the Buzz.


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