Edge Of Darkness – Come Together [After Dark Remix] [1992]

What. A. Tune. Top Buzz special, dropped by every else. Doesnt seem to know if its a hardcore track, a techno stomper, Nosebleed banger or Jungle 2 stepper. If ever there was a track to define the sounds of 1992’s melting pot of genre’s it could be this one. You have a great moogy bassline that sits great with that frantic break and uplifting vocal cut giving you the hardcore flavour. Cut too the angry darkness synth cuts with the choppy breaks sprinkling some Jungle business into the proceedings and then round it off with that MENTAL hardcore techno stomp, rinse and repeat.

Pete over at blogtotheoldskool.com has a much higher quality version of this track for playback on his blog. Quality stuff, cheers Pete!


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