DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access [1994]

What. A. Tune. So huge this tune, every single DJ everywhere had this in their crate in ’94/’95. Its probably one of the most instantly recognisable tracks of the time, it was played everywhere, everyone loved it. In a single weekend I would hear this in the pub I was drinking in, the cheesy club I was in (always mixed into Higher State of Consciousness) on a Friday, on a saturday I might be at a free party/house party/underground club and lo and behold, out would come Access and the place would go off.

It not hard to see why, the track builds up perfectly with that pounding bassdrum marking your entrance into acid bliss. The track builds up, the bassline forces the track on further with its relentless rolling rhythm before dropping in a piercing string that cuts through a crowd like a knife through butter. Your senses are now under assault, the bassdrum is pounding your chest, the bassline is shaking your teeth, your skull is getting drilled by some evil string. Cut to the bridge, just that string, slicing through the crowd and suddenly from the depths, there’s an evil creeping acid riff, climbing up your spine, your eyes begin to throb, the snares are here. The buildup is almost done and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM in it all comes, running your ass down like a steamtrain, dragging your writhing body through… WAIT, whats this, more buildup? nope, just an 8 bar break with “Ooooh” BOOOM! Your back, being dragged through an acid assault of biblical proportions.

Truly one of the greatest dance tracks of all time. Absolutely killer.

From Discogs
Seriously now, Access is one of the most inspiring pieces of electronic music – ever! Starting off with a ridiculously hard and fast drum kick accompanied by an equally menacing bass line, it stops only for a brief moment a few minutes into the track, and then following a crescendo of screaming 303s, it transforms into a high octane acid techno burner, never looking back once it really takes off!
Fairly simple in all its greatness, but it’s perfectly pitched, with a classic build up, which is just turgid with desire to be unleashed upon the party crowd. It still occasionally slips into modern DJ sets, and believe me, it has lost zero power and its devastating effect is still fully in tact. Truly a classic, and quite probably the best track to have ever been recorded under the X-Trax imprint, although Temple Of Acid is my own personal favorite.

It’s very difficult now to capture in words the devastating effect Access had on the worlds dancefloors at the time. Although plenty decent acid tracks had been released prior to 95, the 303 sound had taken a breather after the onslaught of the late 80’s & early 90’s and was then more familiar within the goa/hardtrance sounds.
The hard dance scene was absolutely huge in the uk due to the previous 7 years of innovation and as that had started to become stale the scene was screaming out for a fresh path.
Then Access Arrived!!!
Nothing had been heard quite like this and it was like a nod to the past with a wink to the future, combining a mixture of the best acid tweaking of days gone by but with the strength and power of very early 90’s gabba in a new hardtrance kinda style, very fresh at the time.
The minute that kickdrum and stab broke through a track in the mix, you could feel it like a tremor literally shaking and pounding the club, testing the sound system to it’s max like it was invented to play this track. Whatever was played before it became irrellevant, whatever was played after could not compete. Simply it caused crowds to go absolutely wild resulting in Total Dancefloor Annihilation!!! Exactly what Misjah and Tim intended it to do, i’m sure. X-Trax Rocks!!!

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  1. At first I was like ‘meh’ – but your description is right, and I suspect most DJs drop this track in around 3:00 – because after that – as you describe. Epic.

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