Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime – Sunshine [1993]

what a cracker from the trio of terrific tunes, Ramos, Supreme and the Sunset Regime. These fella’s were untouchable back in 93 for their uplifting hardcore tracks Gotta Believe and Sunshine both featured on this same 12″. Its got a very faint cheese aroma, thanks to the box throwing sounds of the introductory synth riff. But get past this and your laughing, the riff is dropped early on for the squelchy bassline, strings and some piano business. Then the vocal drops and your head explodes. Later years had DJ’s pitching this up 15-20% to please the kids but be honest now folks, the breaky, stompy uplifting original speed is where its at. Classic.

From Discogs
For hardcore, 1993 was a year that most will remember for the quality dark tunes that were produced, but for those that liked hardcore tunes that featured piano and strings breakdowns then this release from Ramos, Supreme and Sunset Regime is a must. Both tracks were classics and were caned by all the top hardcore DJ’s. ‘Sunshine’ features a breakdown of strings and piano with “I wanna dream of the sun shining” vocals laid on top. ‘Gotta Believe’ in my personal opinion is the better track of the two, with a buildup of piano resulting in a huge breakdown of piano and strings that wants the listener yearning for more.

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