Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise [2004]

What was supposedly meant to be Orbital’s final release, One Perfect Sunrise in fact was their last track for about four years before reforming and touring again. That said, the track definately smacks of the melancholia of a departing friend, coupled with the sweeping uplifting string and vocal arrangement that almost suggests that “Dont Worry Folks, We’ll Be Back”. It is a beautiful song however, if a *wee* bit pretentious if we’re being honest. Regardless, I think overall the track never made it as big as it should have done, its such a crowd pleasing melody that it would make the end of any set just floor a crowd I reckon. End of the night as you stand in a field with the break of dawn, this floating over the hedges? Golden.

There are a bunch of cracking remixes too, ranging from standard house offerings to cracking breaks.
Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise (Hybrid’s Stereo 8 Remix)
Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise (Reuben Halsey Upbeat mix)
Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise (Phil Hartnoll Mix)

From Discogs
This is one 12″ not to be missed. It’s the most perfect farewell single any band could ever come up with! The original Orbital mix always brings a lump to my throat – it’s so emotional and beautiful… From the amazing vocals by Lisa Gerrard to the perfect instrumentation…this is without a shade of doubt one of the best progressive trance tracks ever produced.
Stereo 8 remix on side A does not disappoint either. It’s a harder clubby take on the track, but still very haunting and atmospheric.
A truly fantastic release! Orbital will never be forgotten. But they will be HUGELY missed.

This record is worth owning for the awesome JDS remix of Orbital’s ‘Acid Pants’ alone. Reminiscent of the Chemical Brothers at their stomping best only better, this is probably his finest moment. An absolute monster of a tune that builds and builds into a frenetic ‘hoover’ climax, and a tirade of furious ‘live’ drum samples and frenetic 303-style squeaks and squiggles. This tune is a jaw dropper that fans of any of the contemporary hard dance genres will go absolutely nuts for!


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