Thomas Leer & Rober Rental – Day Breaks, Night Heals [1979]

Having come across some random mix on Soundcloud featuring a couple of Industrial Records tracks, ive inadvertently slipped into obscure electronica from the Seventies and Eighties today. Kicking off with this offensively catchy Oberheim classic from Thomas Leer and Robert Rental. Ive never heard this before today and im currently seeking out the rest of Bridge, because if its as catchy as this belter, im going to be a very happy man. Showcasing the pure joy that is a classic Oberheim OBX-1, Leer and Rental clearly demonstrate a technical aptitude far in advance of anything many VST surfing “artists” produce today. Perfectly layered sounds, the vocal is simple and unobtrusive. What a track.

From Discogs
Excellent piece, full of the tristesse which lasted over Britain in the end of the 70’s, beginning of the 80’s. It ain’t the right record to hear if you are depressive, but else it is wonderful. FYI: this was one of the last records from Industrial which could be ordered as an original copy still in the 90’s through Chris & Cosey’s mailorder.


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