Dark Side Of The Shroom – Green Mushroom [1994]

The Dark Side of the Shroom EP is a classic piece of Floridian Breakbeat, post “Miami-Bass” cheese and pre-House Implosion, this is the track Josh Wink wishes he had made instead of that 303 Masturbatory track “Higher State Of Consciousness”. Strangely, with such promise, Omar Santana hasnt put out another 12″, EP or Album ive liked. A lot of the other releases from him have far more cheddar involved, sounds like he’s trying too hard. Green Mushroom on the other hand is as simple as they come, showcasing Santana’s mastery of breakbeat, coupled with a simple 303 acid bassline and funky moog sounding chorus. It doesnt sound like we was after making money from the track, it sounds like it was made to make people dance. The definition of music I enjoy.


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