Wippenberg – Neuro Dancer [1995]

Acid Techno, what a wonderful time it was in the mid nineties when classics such as this filled basements, fields, warehouses across not just England but the whole of Europe. Neuro Dancer is one just record that you would be dropped everywhere and with good reason because its a floor destroying piece of epic techno. Mark-EG must have dropped this like four times at Dreamscape 20, in the chillout tent as well of all places and every time, it would get the monged up off their arses and back into it. If your track can get people comming down up and dancing, I reckon your onto a winner.

From Discogs
Forget about running for cover, there’s no escaping this record. In the acid trance stakes, this is unique in so far as it even manages to make ‘Lost In Love’ by Legend B sound like a chill out record!

It all starts off innocuously enough, like someone casing the perimeter of a bank, minding his own business, the all off a sudden it’s all systems go for a ‘smash’n’grab’ raid that would hit the headlines the world over. The track goes into overdrive as the acid tweaks rain down with ferocious intensity and fog-horns raise the roof. There’s a crazy vocal that sounds like “Girl in the house”, but I could be wrong.

Anyone who has witnessed this track on a dancefloor will know that nothing comes close to touching it in term of whipping up the crowd into frenzy.

Years later, it still has the same impact that it had back in the mid 1990s.

The ultimate euphoric hard acid trancer.

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