Nu Soul Ft Kelli Rich – Hide-A-Way (Lisa Marie Experience) [1996]

Huge uplifting classic from Nu Soul & The Lisa Marie Experience. Its a classic bouncy house tune that found its way into every mega-club residents box. Healy caned it, Tong flogged, Jon Pleased killed it hell even Sasha dropped it a couple of times. Its not all that surprising, the vocal and piano drop is a cracker, pure upflifting fluffy housey business. I’ll be honest, the track doesnt really deliver all that much aside from that, the beat is that basic of most basic four to the floor combo’s that put me off house in the first place. I would say this was definately one of the few track that really did stand out for me during the mid nineties, simply because of that vocal.

For that reason alone, there’s another quality remix that cant be overlooked;
Nu Soul Featuring Kelli Rich – Hide-A-Way ( Helicopter Vocal Mix )

This is far more bang on the hedonistic tip, even more vocal, bigger piano. What a corker.


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