Shut Up And Dance – This Town Needs A Sherrif [1991]

A total booming hardcore track from PJ and Smiley aka Shut Up & Dance. This is what the boys do best, chop up sampleage mixed with a rocking break and bassline and some conscious lyrical mc’ing over the top. This is a proper rolling subbase banger of the highest order too, with the boys waxing lyrical on life in Hackney, back before the Olympics turned up and turned it into Hampstead Adjacent!

From Discogs>
PJ and Smiley aka Shut Up And Dance were the first great exponents of ‘ragga house’ and breakbeat house. Fusing together rap & hip-hop with unlikely but very clever samples from The Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams, Duran Duran – Say A Prayer, classic violins, James Brown and more all over spanking house beats, which appealed to a huge underground audience of black, white, straight and gay clubbers.

The CD and Vinyl copies of this first album ‘Dance Before The Police Come’, are so rare that it is virtually impossible to buy them for less than £35. The mp3 version of the album can be bought at the Shut Up And Dance website (see main artist page on Discogs).


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