Rum & Black – Wicked [1991]

What a corker from the Shut Up & Dance boys under their Rum & Black alias. Booming bassline, rocking breakbeat and manic samplework, all the hallmarks of a SUAD track. Crackin’

For the record, the vocal sample is Robin Williams from his first broadcast of Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning Vietnam. The scene can be seen HERE

From Discogs
Ive absolutely nio idea what Rum and Black were on when they did the remixes on this EP. They are a mish mash of broken beats and samples thrown together badly [in my opinion]. However………..forget all that because you are hunting down this release for the original of ‘wicked’. Featuring the famous “Picture a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound”, sample from the Twilight Zone and some wicked scratching, along side a sppoky voice saying…”OOOO no dont go in there”…..Truly superb!


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