Venom – I Need Your Love [1991]

Right then! Back to the Hardcore! Taken from Venom’s “Total Recall” 12″ and without a doubt the best damn track on it by a mile. Probably some of the purest hardcore riffs, a whole slew of them too, not just the same one repeated. Heavy on the piano business too, what the hell is there not to love in here? A track that hits its peak echoing over a crowd of thousands, blasting out of a 50K system. Right now, ive gotta settle for a set of Sennheiser’s but rest assured, its louder than it should be.

“Oh wow, what a rush”

From Discogs
‘I need your love’ track is the reason you should buy this record. The sound, structure and vocals are so crisp and well produced, even though it’s 20 years old! This one is a definite addition to any collection and would rock a dance floor anywhere in the world…….
I remember being at Central Park in Portsmouth when Carl Cox played all three of the tracks on this EP during the night, I think he may have had two copies and mixed them into each other. I can’t quite remember it was a messy night!


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