E.L.O – Livin’ Thing [1976]

Pretty much guaranteed to be heard on Radio Two, Three, local radio all over the UK. Its a total classic from 1976 and played almost constantly throughout my childhood. Helping my old man in the Garage? Livin’ Thing. Listening to John Peel? Livin’ Thing. Driving to see my grandparents? Livin’ Thing. As familiar a song as anything from Off The Wall or by Luther Vandross! Wicked.

From Wikipedia
“Livin’ Thing” is a song written by Jeff Lynne and performed by Electric Light Orchestra. It appears on ELO’s 1976 platinum-selling album, A New World Record. Patti Quatro sang uncredited vocals, particularly the ‘higher and higher’ parts of “Livin’ Thing”, according to Unzipped, an autobiography by her sister Suzi Quatro.

In August 2006, “Livin’ Thing” was named by the UK’s Q magazine as the #1 ‘Guilty Pleasure’ single of all time – a list designed to celebrate ‘uncool’ but excellent records, and which received considerable publicity. The original single had the added bonus of having “Fire On High” on the flip side, a song that became the band’s most popular instrumental piece. The UK version was released in a Blue vinyl format.


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