Sven Väth – An Accident In Paradise [1992]

Oh Sven, a man who’s techno output has ranged from the sublime to the absolute pits. Also allegedly one of the hardest working producers in Electronic Music. This is one of his earliest tracks, originally released as a test pressing before getting a full publish and included on Sven’s seminal first album of the same name. For 1992, this techno track echoes far more of techno to come, with that rolling angry acid bass synth dominating the track with other urgent synth riffs and haunting whispered vocals layered on top. But nowhere you go can you avoid the acid bass synth. Its like a nightstalker, comming to find you relentlessly, an absolute masterstroke from Sven.

From Discogs
Not only was Sven Väth at the top of his game when he recorded the title track for his debut ‘solo’ album (Ralf Hildenbeutel was practically ever present whenever Sven Väth was in a recording studio back then), but each of the remixers on this release produced some of their finest work to date.

The original mix is as per the album version. It’s an urgent and dramatic in your face ballet influenced dark had trancer with a mischievous hard acid line that sounds like a space monsters stomach suffering from a very bad dose of cosmic indigestion. The beats thump away with fist pumping percussion and twists and turns. The production is topped of with dark breathy occasional vocals and intense symphonic stabs. This track demands your attention and won’t let go of you until you’ve been rendered a shivering emotional wreck in the corner of a very dark and uncomfortable room.


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