Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove (Club Groove Remix) [1989]

Probably one of the best and most recognised Hip House tracks ever released. Put out at the time by Twin Hype, a triplet of kids, the oldest being sixteen years old. Sure, its slickly produced, alluding to the saccharine future of teen pop music but it retains the street roots courtesy of some excellent production from Shameek that make it far more legitimate than more modern offerings. The composition is the real hero though here, with that deep bassline and break rolling through the entire track gives actual rap a sense of place. Quality tune!

From Discogs
When sometimes asked about my all time favourite record, this one (the Club Groove version) will immediately come to my mind. Twin rappers Lennis and Glennis Brown, (there must have been a third one called Dennis, making them a triplet;) were very young, probably 15 or 16 years old when this record came out. Yet it’s a very mature track, in my opinion one of the finest combinations of house and rap, like maybe only hiphouse daddy Fast Eddie could make. Build ups, pumping beats and basslines, sharp breaks, a song that shouts “get your ass on the dancefloor”
Classic lines like “Jack / 89’s a year / house music is in your ear”, a very subtle 303, this track has it all. A legendary early 90s dutch house radio show was named after this very song. A timeless classic that i will play forever.


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