GTO – Pure (Pure Energy) [1990]

Belting tribal sounding techno banger from GTO (also known as Tricky Disco) and probably one of the genre defining tracks of 1990. Thrashing the techno sound around some more atmospheric and ambient hooks is what makes this a standout from all the other techno of the time. Its raw edge is softened but not dulled by the introduction of all the sample hooks and the almost military bassline is what really drives this track. Total classic.

From Discogs
I think this must come down to ‘you had to be there’ or so it seems. I remember thinking this will go down in techno history as a very important record. That is the kind of the thing i used to think back in the day. This really was pure darkn rave tribalness and has built in whistle sound too to prove it (there was usually one or two people with whistles at these parties). The track just epitomised the rave scene. The dark, smoky room. The lasers. The eyes popping out of the faces and the sweat rolling off each and every person there. You had to be there i suppose!
Fond memories. I love these tracks that take me back in time. This is a very good example of what a great techno record was. BUT! there is something about that beat and hi-hat combination that I really don’t like. It has obviously been programmed that way on purpose but it sounds likesomebody has squashed it with their foot before it has had the chance to beat properly and that hi-hat that sits on the end of that beat and has a similar fate. OK if you take strong hallucinogenics I suppose. Hey maybe thats what GTO were doing and decided it sounded okay. It certainly did to me back then. Check it out and see what I mean. Other than the beat, its a great slice of rave history!


2 Responses

  1. Can you here Mantronix and Jazzy B vibes in this??

    • If by Jazzy B you mean the slightly soulful hit in the tribalistic beat then certainly. Mantronix im having trouble seeing.

      The guys who made this track are the same folks who made “I Wanna Be A Hippy” under the guise of Technohead, amongst other things!

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