Lennie De Ice – We Are I.E. [1991]

Supposedly the very first proto-Jungle track with its dub-like booming bassline and Amen-a-like Break. It took me a long time to like this actually, it always felt disjointed and repetetive to me, until I realised its a track never meant to be heard in its entirety. Its the perfect mix-track, plenty of breaks and bassline with no other samples, great mixing tempo and lots of cuts. Wicked.

From Discogs
We are ie set a landmark in UK rave history!

Certainly not the first to sample the amen but this tune combined the break with gunshot + vocal samples, a simple but very effective reggae style bassline and was pitched up to the pace of the breakbeat hardcore emerging at that time.

Dropped by major name DJ’s at London raves in the summer of 91, it was extremely well received by an audience that wasn’t entirely happy with the dominating techno sound. This style perfectly captured the vibe of the scene and quickly established the musical form that later became known as jungle..

Allegedly first put together in 88 it has a raw feel and basic production typical of the era.
While changing the sound of London clubs and uniting a new breed of raver – in typical fashion was completely ignored by mainstream media and labels, which further secures it’s lengendary status.

Anyone interested in the roots of real Jungle Drum n Bass should check this piece of vinyl – in my opinion it’s the most important release for this style of music.


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