The Stone Roses – Fools Gold [1989]

One of the truly landmark tracks in music for me, its absolute perfection from start to finish. Its loved by just about anyone that had come into contact with it. I dont know anyone that doesnt love it. Why? Its simple, the break is amazing, the riff is incredible and the vocals are meaninful without being intrusive. Everything a true classic should be wouldnt you say!

From Discogs
The Original 9.53 version of Fools Gold back in 1989, you can’t have failed to take notice – because it is astounding. Apparently it was intended to be the B side to What the World is Waiting For – even Squire and Brown weren’t aware of their musical genius at the time! But listening to the irresistibly hypnotic groove produced by the effortlessly funky guitar, a superb drum loop and that bassline ten years later, it is still the groundbreaking sound of a band at the peak of their genius, drawing on influences such as Hendrix, Sly Stone and Chicago house music and moulding them into something unique And Very Unforgettable by these northern monkeys the defining point of music for the 1990’s. anything after is merely trying to emulate dance music-all from this record .

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