Charlatans – The Only One I Know [1990]

I have unwell cans! Im listening to everything in mono because the left headphone cable is shot. Hence why I didnt upload anything yesterday! However, this track is so kick ass, it neeeeds to be heard. Its a track I didnt adore when it was released, however, over the years its grown tenfold into one of my favourites of the time. Its more consistently excellent than many of the other tunes at the time (Monday’s, im looking at you). Total classic.

From Discogs
On the A side run-out groove it has etching that reads “There’s no message just pure politics”,then flip the record over to the B side run-out grooves it says “Good,arn’t we?”,with a spelling mistake in “aren’t” though the correct spelling has been etched then scored out before the flaw.Regardless of this most reviewers and listeners couldn’t fail but to agree,the single being a top 10 hit reaching the number 9 spot a week after it slid in the charts at number 24 on it’s 2 June release.One thing I found confusing on the sleeve was the songwriting credits.The bands surnames are all there apart from Jon Baker,his surname is displayed as ‘Day’.Before I thought it was a different person,until I saw this statement from Jon Baker,quote;”As a joke I once put my name down as Jon Day and it was something that stuck and even ended up in some of the songwriting credits”.

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