Bomb The Bass – Dont Make Me Wait (Club Mix) [1988]

The A of the double A side release from Bomb The Bass that included the now legendary Megablast. This track on the other hand is a complete departure from the hip hop, sample driven Megablast. Nope, this is a freestyle vocal monster from Lauraine and what a cracker it is. Sadly, its definately beginning to show its age but tracks such as this were groundbreaking in getting a whole new generation of contemporary UK female vocalists out into the mainstream, out from under their Music Mogul overlords and over produced ballads and right up front with the best of them. Couple this with Shannon’s “Let The Music Play” and your laughing. Fantastic.

In response to arnewpunkt, it may be that some folks may be having trouble playing this outside of the US ( Bastards! ), so find attached a bunch of other links, see if this helps!

Bomb The Bass – Dont Make Me Wait original music video!
Bomb The Bass – Dont Make Me Wait (Club Mix) Alternative link!


2 Responses

  1. Does the video only not work in my country?! Talking about saving hip hop, look what hip hop is believed to be today:

    • Ive updated the post with other links mate, let me know if you have any better luck with those !

      Thanks for the link too, its scary how off the wall she is! CRAZY!. Thanks for swinging by mate, cheers!

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