Acen – Trip II the Moon (Part 2 – The Darkside) [1992]

About six months after Trip 2 The Moon came out, Acen released the second journey, Trip II The Moon Pt 2. For me, this is the best of the lot, the arrangement is more cohesive, better use of the orchestral pieces overall better structured. Bizarre considering the samples for the most part, from the original. I think its the better use of the synth that sells it for me, evoking memories of Close Your Eyes. Overall, a whole less cheddary than the original in my opinion!

From Discogs
Disregard the review by Sal-volatile the guy has no understanding of the rave scene if he did then his review would not of been posted this is one of the best remixes ever of his first tune you could not get much better acen represented rave in all its form and glory this takes the first version on a sharp bend to the sinister not surprising as the rave scene was heading directly towards that position he cemented his reputation in rave history by this song and close your eyes this had more of an impact still sends a shiver down my spine quality hardcore of the finest type the riff is awesome for that period even Doc Scott sampled his tracks anyone who thinks this track is week go away and listen to mainstream!!!!!!!

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