Acen – Trip II the Moon (Part 1) [1992]

A track that needs almost no introduction, played to death, loved by all. The break is brutal, offset with all those strings, the synth is well cheeky, plenty of hiphop samples as only the Acen boys could. This found its way into practically every break driven dj mix of 1991, I cant think of a time that I didnt hear it. When I say im into hardcore, Trip II the Moon is almost always the track cited first.

From Discogs
When I first heard Trip To The Moon I was shocked. It was the greatest things my ears ever went through. To this day when this track gets played I go crazy. The memories it brings and the joy it has giving me for eternity. This track has everything you can want. When you hear this track get ready to be lost and find yourself never wanting to return. I never have returned since.One way ticket to the moon. Parts 1 and 2 a masterpiece. Move over Mona Lisa!! This is the real deal!

Acen / Production House really were on a roll with releases like this back in the day. They had a canny knack of using samples creatively and loads of ideas that on paper just shouldn’t work. I remember tracking this down alongside a copy of Part 2 to my local Our Price in Colchester, safe to say it was one of the best £10.00 I’ve spent on records… a great release, essential rave and pretty hard to beat. I remember hearing Kevin Saunderson playing it in Brighton at an all-nighter as one of his last records and it really did set the party off… why aren’t records like this any more?

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