Shut up and Dance feat Peter Bouncer – Ravin im Ravin [1992]

Legendary track that had the dubious distinction of causing an uproar at the time by not only selling out within hours of being released but rumored that it went in to the Sunday charts at Number Two and likely would have made it not been pulled for unauthorised use of Mark Cohen’s Walking In Memphis. After that the MCPS went through SUAD’s back catalogue and sued them for every single unauthorised sample they had ever used, something that set the guy back years and effectively making them the UK’s scapegoat for unauthorised sampling. If your going to go out though, go out with a bang, sure the track is hammy as hell but in classic SUAD style, it doesnt slip into cheese due to a healthy dose of rocking breakbeat work, cracking 808 basslines and that crowdpleasing piano riff.

I first heard this on Radio One, one Thursday or Friday night and I rushed out that Saturday to buy it to no avail. It had sold out in every single record retailer in the whole of Leicester ( I know, I ran round every goddam shop that Saturday ). It took me another seven years to find it and when I did, it was given to me by the guy because “Well, Ive got another two at home”. Legendary track, legendary guy. One of my all time favourites.

From Discogs
I remember Colin Dale dropping this in his set at the ‘Breakfast Club’ in London, just outside the ‘Milk Bar’. I was on after him so I was on the balcony watching below as he built up the hardest set I think i’d heard back then, just kept piling it on and on until, this dropped, the vocal break ‘I’m walking with my feet 10 feet off the ground’ the lazers bouncing off the strobes onto a mad frenetic seething mass of a dancefloor, they all musta gulped in the air and sighed it back out again with the rush at exactly the same time, pure genius moment. When he finished i went upto to him so as to get on the decks, and he was smiling from ear to ear, he then grabbed my hand and shook it with gusto. Total honour that was.


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